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We are one of the leading SG Iron Casting Manufacturers in India. We supply low/medium/high volume, small/medium/large sized machined Nodular Iron Castings. The parts are manufactured as per the specification of our customers. Contact us for SG iron Foundry in India.
We are a leading supplier of low/medium/high volume and small/medium and large-sized machine SG Iron castings. We have a dedicated team which along with a strong network, processes, and infrastructure, produces detailed SG Iron castings suitable for different industry verticals.

We are suppliers of SG Iron castings with machining. All the parts we manufacture are as per the requirements of the customers. We also work hard to meet all the international standards. In fact, we review every step of the manufacturing process to avoid any problems.

The QC technology at our end is equipped with a sand lab, spectrometer, and microscopes. The foundry and machine shop are already ISO 9001:2015 certified. We employ only highly qualified, focussed and experienced people to handle the production, development and quality control of all our products.

The machine shop is provided with a wide variety of CNC machines. These include turning centers and machining centers that have a backup from the SPM’s and conventional machines. We aim at fulfilling all the customer needs and strive to achieve that.

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Technical Capabilities for SG Iron Casting Manufacturing

We are focused on developing the outsourcing route for the various processes. This involves offering the capabilities from small to huge-sized castings, providing material options, and altering volume levels.

SG Iron Casting Outsourcing

Our production happens through our supply partners in India. This means the customers get a low-cost option even though they deal with a considerable volume. Apart from that, all the parts that are produced through the route are engineering and adhere to all the quality specifications.

Route to SG Iron Casting Manufacturing

The Fortune Group has developed a low-cost production line so that they can meet the market demand. Along with they are also aiming at providing high-quality and low-cost supplies of SG Iron casting. We have worked in tandem with our partners for the last 10 years. In this time, we also expanded the high standard supply routes in order to adhere to the customer’s needs.

We provide you competitive prices and still manage to keep up the high supply standards.

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Exploring the SG Iron Casting Foundry: Your FAQs Answered!

We produce Cast Iron Casting, SG Iron Casting, and Stainless-Steel Casting, Non Ferrous Casting and Architectural Casting.

Our foundry can manufacture SG Iron Castings weighing up to 1000kg single piece

Our SG Iron casting foundry has an annual volume capacity of 2000 Metric Tons per Year.

Yes, our SG Iron Casting Foundry is certified under ISO 9001:2015.

Yes, our SG Iron Casting Foundry is fully equipped with machining facilities.

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