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We are one of the leading CI Casting Manufacturers in India. We manufacture all grades of CI castings up to 1000kg single piece. In our CI Casting Foundry, we produce intricate Cast Iron Castings required for various industry segments.
We supply low/medium/high volume, small/medium/large sized machined Cast Iron (CI) Castings. Our team, network, infrastructure & processes are capable of producing intricate Cast Iron Castings required for various industry segments.

We supply CI castings with machining. The parts are manufactured as per the specification of our customers. We meet international standards thoroughly. We monitor every step of the manufacturing process.

Our QC technology includes a fully equipped sand lab, microscopes, and spectrometer. Our foundry and machine shop are ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities. Highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated personnel in the development, production, and quality control are our significant assets.

Our machine shop has a variety of CNC machines, including turning centers and machining centers combined with backup from the conventional machines and SPMs to fulfill all customer needs.

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Technical Capabilities for CI Casting Manufacturing

We have developed the outsourcing routes for these various processes to be able to offer the capabilities that range from the most minor parts to significant size castings, a wide range of material options, and varying volume levels

CI Casting Outsourcing

Production via our supply partners in India offers a low-cost option for higher volume requirements. All parts produced via this route are fully engineered and quality assured by us

Route to CI Casting Manufacturing

Fortune Group has developed low-cost production to stay in line with market demand for high-quality and low-cost supply of CI castings. We have worked with our partners in India for more than 10 years and expanded high-standard supply routes to meet different customer requirements.

We address your demand for competitive prices while maintaining high supply standards.

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Exploring the CI Casting Foundry: Your FAQs Answered!

We produce Cast Iron Casting, SG Iron Casting, and Stainless-Steel Casting, Non Ferrous Casting and Architectural Casting.

Our foundry can manufacture CI Castings weighing up to 1000kg single piece

Our cast iron casting foundry has an annual volume capacity of 2000 Metric Tons per Year.

Yes, our CI Casting Foundry is certified under ISO 9001:2015.

Yes, our CI Casting Foundry is fully equipped with machining facilities.

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