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We are one of the leading Architectural Casting Manufacturer in India. In our Architectural Casting Foundry, we produce intricate Architectural Castings required for various industry segments.

One of the hottest new trends in steel construction is the use of steel castings and not just the tiny "spider" fixtures for glass, or fittings for cable or rod systems, but, heavily loaded, yet sleek and streamlined steel castings that are being used in the primary structural systems of buildings.

Castings are proven solution against all Drawbacks of Fabrications, provide aptly for all fatigue critical and complex, heavily loaded structural connections, in both Static and Seismic load carrying applications.

Cast parts are the "best Performers", in architecturally exposed structural steel (AESS) application. We in India have availability of skilled Labour, Quality Raw Material & Technology Experts. Cast Parts from India are exported to all over the world today, due to specific Techno- Commercial advantages.

Our attempt is to help our customers (Indian or abroad) understand the "USE OF CAST PARTS in MODERN CIVIL Industry".

In the past, very few Metal Cast Parts were designed & used by Architects as well as Structural Engineers for Cities, Municipalities,however Modern Civil Projects of Metro Cities in recent times, shows an increasing trend for the use of CAST METAL PARTS, all over the World.

Fortune team, ventures in to every new Avenue sector with application-based approach & sustained association with advanced technologies in Metal Cast Parts.

Value Added Services We Provide

Painting (Priming and Finishing)     Plating     Blackening     Polishing, Electro Polishing & Buffing

Fortune Procurators India Pvt. Ltd., (sister concern of Fortune Foundries Pvt Ltd) is the Sourcing - Supporting Company & having dedicated Metal Supply Account Management Services.

A Unique business Combine - Technical Expertise of Industry &Qualified Indian Casting Manufacturers with High-Quality and for "Lowest Cost Sourcing".

At Fortune Procurators India Pvt. Ltd.; we have established and maintain long-term relationships and manufacturing arrangements with many foundries. We work with the best & highly accredited ISO Certified manufacturers to offer a diverse array of products & volumes for the industries we service. Our in-house metal experts will strategically work with suitable Foundries to determine the best service solutions that reflect the needs of Civil Sector with Modern Architectural designs like AESS.

As per various customers' needs & applications, Fortune Procurators India Pvt. Ltd.; helps procure different casting manufacturing processes, & weight ranges, outside the scope of our, Fortune Foundries Pvt. Ltd.

  • Centrifugal Cast Part
  • Static Cast Part
  • Investment & Shell Processes Castings

STEEL FOUNDRIES SOCIETY OF AMERICA - SFSA partnered with the American Institute of Steel Construction, AISC since two decades,SFSA member companies established a specific initiative, named the Steel Casting Construction Consortium (SC3), to develop opportunities for steel castings in building construction.


  • Current casting material approved per, Load and Resistance Factor Design - LRFD, vol. 1, 2nd, p. 6-28
  • ASTM A27, grade 65-35
  • ASTM A148, grade 80-50

Steel Foundries recommend ASTM A216, grade WCB, with Supplement 11 for all steel building construction applications. This will provide a material that has better weld ability and ductility than the wrought steel, and includes a carbon equivalent limit. By increasing the section thickness any required strength is possible with Cast Steels. For cold climate applications, ASTM A352 LCB is used.

If it is desired to keep a 50 ksi cast material in the specifications, then Foundries recommend ASTM A958, grade SC8620, class 80/50. However, advantage of cast steels is, Alloys with even higher YS are also available.

For stainless steel applications, Fortune Foundries Pvt. Ltd; recommends corrosion resistant alloy CF8 for 304 applications and CF8M for 316 applications per ASTM A743.

In general Structural design engineers consider three different steel casting alloys, as specified by ASTM standards

  1. ASTM A27 Grade 70-40 Carbon Steel Casting for General Application Composition = 0.25 C max, 1.20 Mn Max, 0.80 Si Max, 0.05 S&P Max

  2. ASTM A148 - Grade 80-50 High Strength Castings for Structural Purposes Composition = C, Mn, Si, S per agreement; 0.06 S Max, 0.05 P Max

  3. ASTM A958 - Grade 8620, Class 80/50 : Steel Castings with Tensile and Chemical Requirements for specially stressed joints, architecturally exposed joints with corrosion/chemical resistance properties. Composition = Min/Max Specified for C, Mn, Si, Ni, Cr, Mo; Max for S&P.

We Follow BS EN 10340 – 2007 & BS EN 10343 – 2009 Or any other International Standard For Cast Steel Parts.

Foundry Industry, that understands Casting of Steel or any Metal, offers an interesting & useful structural option to the Civil Industry,AESS Design Users & to take All the advantage of this alternative. This in turn will help with Sustainable growth for, Environment friendly & 100% Recyclable, Modern Civil & the entire Industry as a whole.

WORK UNDERTAKEN BY FORTUNE TEAM – Fortune Foundry & Fortune Procurators in collaboration deal in, Identifying, Bidding and Budgeting, Tools & Dies Designing & Casting Procurements, Inspections, Job progress follow up- on Floor. Fabrication & Weld Procedures-PQR, NDT (also arrange TPI-Third party Inspections & Certifications for Performance Guarantee etc.)

Fortune Procurators Provide with a huge data base of Casting Manufacturers, in almost all grades & weight range of 100 grams to 15,000 Kg Single piece and from one off to any Quantity. Also from any manufacturing processes as cited above. Fortune Procurators also provide On Floor product developing prototypes & volumes, along with NDT and Third party Inspections & Certifications.

Fortune Foundry & Fortune Procurators understand Metal casting business, and Promote Business growth, implement improvements in cost and quality, by utilizing available resources.


Pilot, Samples & Prototypes: A critical part of new program development is, timely prototype development and acquisition. With a seamless transition from Samples/prototype to production of parts, Production Time Cycle & Cost can be greatly reduced.

Applications of Cast Steel & Metal Parts in Some of the Prestigious & Monumental Projects around the World

Cast Steel Parts Used for Architectural Application

Foundry Facilities We Serve

Exploring the Architectural Casting Foundry: Your FAQs Answered!

We produce Cast Iron Casting, SG Iron Casting, and Stainless-Steel Casting, Non Ferrous Casting and Architectural Casting.

Our foundry can manufacture Architectural Castings weighing up to 1000kg single piece

Our Architectural casting foundry has an annual volume capacity of 2000 Metric Tons per Year.

Yes, our Architectural Casting Foundry is certified under ISO 9001:2015.

Yes, our Architectural Casting Foundry is fully equipped with machining facilities.